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11. Entire Agreement

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These General Conditions of Car Rental specify the conditions for putting Tenant’s car to use by the Lessor.

1. The Lessee warrants that: – the data provided by him is truthful, – has full legal capacity, – possesses the necessary permissions to drive the vehicle, and in particular that it is not deprived of the power of the competent authority, the right to drive a Motor Vehicle – there are no proceedings against him that could lead to his being denied driving license.

2. The contract is concluded for a definite period, each time indicated in it. The Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle on the day and at the time specified in the contract. If the vehicle is not returned within the period specified in the contract, the Lessee undertakes to pay the agreed remuneration for each started day of rent outside the contractual period and a contractual penalty in the amount of triple gross daily rate for each commenced day of delay.

3. At the time of renting the car, a handover report will be prepared, and at the moment of returning the report of passing the car.
The report will indicate the state of the car (no damage or indication that exists)

4. The Lessee is obliged to return the car in the condition in which he rented it.

5. The Lessee is obliged to use the vehicle only in the territory of Georgia, to drive the vehicle in person, not to sublease the vehicle or use it free of charge for third parties.

6. The car will be rented with a full fuel tank and must be taken with a full tank. The cost of fuel during rental is covered by the Lessee.

7. The Lessee undertakes to use the vehicle in accordance with its intended purpose and to keep the car clean

8. The Lessee accepts the obligation to pay an additional fee in the event of damage to the tires, windows, and interior of the vehicle, i.e. the destruction or staining of the upholstery and the damage caused by the cigarette butts.

9. The secretary is obliged to perform his own cost and efforts to service the daily car, i.e. checking and supplementing engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, checking the operation of lights, etc. Repair costs incurred due to neglect of daily vehicle handling are covered by the landlord (engine seizure – missing oil, engine overheating – no refrigerant fluid, etc.) It is forbidden to: – tow other vehicles to rented car – exceed the permissible load

10. It is forbidden to leave the vehicle without proper protection, and in particular do not leave documents and key in the vehicle. In the event of theft of the vehicle with documents and / or keys, the Lessee bears full responsibility for the damage caused. In the event that the vehicle is returned without a key or a set of documents (registration document, policy), the landlord has the right to charge the Tenant with the following costs: – $ 250 for losing the key. – $ 80 for losing documents.

11 The Lessee is obliged to immediately notify the Lessor about incidents concerning the car (collision, theft, etc.) and call the Police to the place of the event. The tenant should request the prepared protocol from the Police.

12. The Lessor is not responsible for the violation of road traffic regulations and fines imposed on the Lessee, fines for the Lessee when using the vehicle.

13. The car has a full CASCO insurance coverage. In the event of collision and theft as a result of deliberate damage to the vehicle, – during drunk driving, use of drugs or psychotropic drugs or without a valid driving license, or in the event of another gross violation of traffic regulations, – if the driver he escaped from the place of the accident, -the damage occurred when the person managing was a person not authorized by the Lessor, – the Lessee will be charged according to the price list.
14. Additional fees:
– a damaged tire – $ 80
– a rimmed $ 80 wheel
– upholstery cleaning – 120 $
– vehicle turnover with noticeable unpleasant odor – $ 120
– Accumulation of improper fuel into the vehicle – $ 400

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